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Portfolio Update

Early March Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update

Right now due to the market taking a dive I am down $40 this week.  This may stress some people out but I am ok with this. I invest in quality dividend stocks so I am not worried about the share price. I am still averaging a 13% return on my investment so I am happy. 

However, other stocks have been doing well. Analysts are saying we are in a bull market and I agree. The market is up 7.25% year to date and had already hit all time high this year.

I am happy with my portfolio so far. I have been trying to add $100-$200 a month to grow my Roth. My goal is $583 a month but I am working towards that right now.

I added three new positions to my portfolio at the start of March.

  • 1 Share of PFIZER INC (PFE) – $26.61
  • 1 Share of KRAFT HEINZ CO (KHC) – $35.17

This puts my estimated yearly dividend income at $125.76. I am working my way towards financial freedom. Little by little this number will grow and in 28 years I will be free to retire with no worries. In February of this year I increased my monthly dividends by a lot. I went from $0.03 last year to $8.28 this year.

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