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Hello, my name is David and I am 33 looking to retire by age 55.  You are probably thinking to yourself, “Is this even achievable at his age?”  To answer that question, I have no idea but I am going to try. Ever since I was 13 years old, I have been trying to make something of myself. I ran a couple businesses while in Junior high and high school and almost made them successful but unfortunate events killed that dream.  I took some time off from trying to make it rich to going back to school to get my degree and find myself a career.

Fast forward, some years and now I am looking to my retirement. I have been investing and trading stocks for the last two years. I have shifted my style from buying and selling daily or weekly, to dividend investing. For my retirement and my goals for my life, this made the most sense. In addition, this offers the safest way to invest in my opinion.  

Follow me on my journey and I hope you join the blog and ask questions, as I am always here to help. I am not a licensed broker and anything I say is my opinion and from my own research. Please understand that.


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  • Portfolio updates and stocks that I buy and sell.
  • Financial news about stocks in my portfolio and top stocks on the market.
  • Information breakdown on stock market terms and accounts.
  • Giveaways coming soon where you can earn money.

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