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Hello, my name Is David and I love investing. My goal is to be able to retire by the age of 55. I am 33 right now and you are probably thinking to yourself, “Is this even achievable at his age?”  To answer that question, I have no idea but I am going to try.

The few years have been rough on me. Covid ruined me financially and I racked up about $50k in debt. Every day was a battle and I will be honest I almost gave up. I did not want it anymore, the struggle was becoming too much. There were days when I did not have enough money for food. There were time when I ate noodles with ketchup for a whole week until I was paid. Some days I did not have food.

Good news! I survived and in a good place. I am going to make sure I never encounter that kind of situation again.  I am going to do my best to invest as much as I can, retire, and live my life. An added benefit is my future kids will inherit all this and they will never have to go through what I did.

Follow me on my journey and I hope you join the blog and ask questions, as I am always here to help. I am not a licensed broker and anything I say is my opinion and from my own research. Please understand that.


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  • Portfolio updates and stocks that I buy and sell.
  • Financial news about stocks in my portfolio and top stocks on the market.
  • Information breakdown on stock market terms and accounts.
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