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Stock Buys – MPW and ZIM

I decided to add 3 more shares to my portfolio. I went ahead and bought 2 more of ZIM and 1 of MPW. I had some extra cash lying around and wanted to put them to good use.

I bought ZIM because the share price has dropped significantly which means this is a good buy. Right now gas is stabilizing which means shipping rates have come down as well. This has caused ZIM to lose some share price but that is good news for you. Right now it is at $12.79 per share, down from $20 per share. Its dividend yield if impressive but also aggressive. When buying this stock please be aware that this one is a gamble. They could drop their dividend payouts in the future but if that happens just sell the stock and buy a different one. Its dividend yield right now is 133.05% and pays out $6.40 per quarter. That is very good for its price. If you are comfortable with it then take a gamble on it.

I bought MPW because their share price has also dropped. Right now they are at $9.85, down from $14 per share. Its dividend yield is 11.79% with a $0.29 payout per quarter. This is a safe stock and I would recommend it. The reason for the price drop was due to a lawsuit that began a few months ago. I believe this lawsuit will be settled soon and the price will jump up again. MPW deals with real estate, specifically medical properties. This is a good stock to add to your portfolio.


Hello, my name is David and I have a passion for making money. But then again, who doesn't? I love the stock market because it gives you a chance to better yourself and your situation. My goal is to be financially free by the age of 55 so I can enjoy myself. Join me on my journey and learn a little bit along the way. Thanks for reading! DISCLAIMER – I am not a licensed tax advisor, lawyer or stock broker. I am simply a person who loves investing. Please consult a professional.

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