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Portfolio Update

May 2024 Dividend Income

For the month of May I added a few stocks. I added CLM, PFE, NEP, ET and IEP. Check out the breakdown below to see what I made so far. As I mentioned before I got rid of a lot of bad stocks and focused on quality so my dividends took a hit but that is ok. I am happy with what I have here.

may 2024 dividend income


Hello, my name is David and I have a passion for making money. But then again, who doesn't? I love the stock market because it gives you a chance to better yourself and your situation. My goal is to be financially free by the age of 55 so I can enjoy myself. Join me on my journey and learn a little bit along the way. Thanks for reading! DISCLAIMER – I am not a licensed tax advisor, lawyer or stock broker. I am simply a person who loves investing. Please consult a professional.

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